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An article in the Glaswegian newspaper.


Glasgow Council throws caution (and possiby the law) out the window & gives Viridor the all-clear to build its gasification plant in Polmadie, despite being in a fairly densly populated area.


Facebook campaign to stop Viridor and Glasgow Council from ignoring public opinion carries on apace.


Attended a meeting with experts (well, they know more than me) and residents from the G42 area. The concensus is the gasification technology is still not fully tested, and has been banned in some countries.
Of the 130 residents at the meeting, only 4 received Viridor's leaflet explaing their intentions.


Glasgow Council to replace existing waste incineration plant at Polmadie with advanced gasification plant built by Viridor UK. A public consultation will take place in June 2012, with Viridor sending informational leaflets to all G42 residents.

gasification schematic

Gasification schematic above - seems straightforward enough. Look at this Wikipedia article for more info on what it's all about.