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Deerhoof | Well, How Did We Get Here ?

A little bit about our history

Deerhoof got its name from a cassette EP created in 1993 by Rob Fisk and current drummer Greg Saunier. The duo called themselves 'Nitre Pit', and toured for a couple of years playing mostly improvised pieces.

Around 1995 the duo brought in Japanese exchange student Satomi Matsuzaki, who would provide the vocals for Rob and Greg's music. Legend has it that Satomi had no musical experience, and when this was pointed out, she replied that "I couldn't make the band sound any worse".
At that point Deerhoof the band was born. Satomi taught herself to play bass, which took even more pressure off the boys.

A few lineup changes left Deerhoof sans Fisk, so the band needed a new guitarist ... step up to the mark John Dieterich.
In 1999, Dieterich brought a whole new ethos to Deerhoof, with his diverse musical influences and more elaborate compositional style.

Finally in 2001, with the addition of guitarist Chris Cohen, Deerhoof became a power quartet of unparalleled virtuosity and dynamics. The four albums released during this period are (arguably) Deerhoof's finest.

Unforunately in 2006 Chris Cohen left to spend more time on his own project, The Curtains. In honour of Cohen's departure, Deerhoof released an EP of live songs.

After touring for a year Deerhoof recruited guitarist Ed Rodriguez as a replacement for Cohen. They have produced two albums so far: 2011's Deerhoof v Evil and Breakup Song from 2012.

So far so good ...

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