Feedback from clients

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 Louise is an incredibly focused and talented strategic interventionist.  She is very intuitive and has a phenomenal ability to be both gentle and challenging in her guidance. She has a great sense of humour and uses fun strategies to make you really think about yourself and shift your perspectives.

 Before working with Louise, I was experiencing a great deal of frustration and stress. I lacked confidence and never really appreciated myself, or the value of my own work. I thought the only way to achieve fulfillment was to overstretch and beat myself up which only got me more frustrated and burnt out. I also had a blurry vision of my future, which didn't help to sustain change and I would end up back in a vicious cycle of guilt and apathy.
 Our sessions helped me identify issues preventing me from making progress and kept me on track towards my goals by providing vital support and direction at times of difficulty when I was spinning around, drifting away or on the verge of giving up. Being coached by Louise helped me to make some important changes in my life and move forward with goals that I had kept putting off. The tools and strategies used in our coaching sessions were not only fun but most importantly helped me develop some personal habits, which keep me focused and steer me to discover my potential and my own way to fulfillment.
Barbara – London 2013

 Having had the opportunity to experience and understand a bit better what Coaching is about, has been wonderful. Louise is great, and that makes things easier and better, even when I cry and sob, I argue or get lost in my own thoughts, she always finds a way to patiently bring me back to the exercise and lead me back on track.

 When I first started, the offer to be a part of this experience was like sent from Heaven. I had been desperately looking for answers, tools, examples, ways out to my situation. I felt stuck and lost, tired and confused. I've been living in a macho country that is not my own for the last few years, Brazil, where being a professional, independent single young woman is not an easy job.
 Our first chats put some light at the end of the tunnel, and I repeat... Louise is super patient, practical and focused, I recognize I'm not easy to deal with, but she was able to put up with my revel behaviour (plus sometimes my limited English, and a horrible internet connection), and help me redefine my goals, my strengths, my needs, my limitations... plus some useful insights about practical ways to fight procrastination. 
 I've seen simple things I couldn't see before, that make all the sense when it comes to wonder why I do the things I do. I'm happier, and feel more focused, still a work in progress, but at least I have a better idea of where I'm heading.
 I'm getting up in the morning full of energy and willing to have a nice productive day, I'm more conscious and careful when it comes to dealing with hurting subjects and with others. 
 Louise has been a great support, a great friend when needed, a loving voice and a hard coach when I don't behave properly (HA HA, not true, She's super cool). No more BUT, TRY and MAY BE TOMORROW are on my vocabulary (at least most of the times).
 I've been much more creative, able to reconnect with the things I really care about, able to express my feelings in a clearer way and understand them before the volcano erupts. I talk to all my friends and family (and whoever wants to listen) about the little steps I take every week... some time not so little.
 So far, I think that is it... which is not little. Learning to let go and hear your inner voice, control your archetypes and respect your values is a lot.
 I feel more secure, more focus, happier, healthier, lovely, and proud of myself after these sessions, although I recognize that is not an easy road, and one has to be compromised to change for it to work (which can be the hardest part!).
 Thank you Louise, one thousand times for this opportunity.
Elisa B - Argentinean in Brazil – 2013

 Despite being an NLP master practitioner I had some issues that I desperately wanted to deal with and so was very happy to be given the chance to work with Louise.

 The time I spent working through issues and writing them down I felt very anxious but this was really necessary to get past the thoughts I have lived with for past 44 yrs. To make sense of my childhood and understand and change my way of thinking.

 I found initially the intervention hard to do, the scrambling battled to get out. I was finding it hard to breathe and my chest closed. I did manage to get through and found such relief when doing meditation. I had a peace I haven't had for a very long time.
 I am so grateful to Louise for her perseverance, guidance, love and support. I wasn't the easiest person to council and tried to avoid facing my past. She helped me through this and freed me from my past way of thinking!
Colette, South Africa 2013

 I really would recommend life coaching. Working with Louise was very insightful. She is very skilled at helping you focus on what you really want to change and make that change now.

 Whether it's a big decision or you feel a bit stuck in a rut and are not quite sure what needs to improve next to make things feel that bit better. I had both and Louise helped by getting me to think about what matters and how I want it to change and why.
 We ended up covered a lot of ground across a very wide range of issues from maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle in the face of immense pressure of preparing to lead a team of analysts for the Olympic Games to staying in control during a fraught employment tribunal. She helped me find my inner confidence to tackle key issues and therefore able to take on and achieve so much than I would have had the focus to do without her coaching support.
 So thank you very much Louise for the coaching sessions, they have really helped me through make it through an incredibly hectic time.
Sandra Weddell – London – 2012

 Louise provided 4 months of exceptional life coaching to me earlier this year.
 At my request, we started out with her helping me to look at a new direction for my profession/career.

 As our sessions unfolded, it became clear that I needed to first focus on self development... as well as be more "at peace" with a geographic move my family and I were making.
 Louise had an outstanding ability to help me look into my underlying thoughts and needs. She was highly adept at drawing upon a range of resources, including NLP, various reference materials, and her own life experiences to help me channel my energy and thought processes towards a clearer, more fulfilling present and future.
 She was always well prepared for our sessions, referencing in detail previous conversations we had had, and she was conscientious about checking in with me between sessions to see if she could be of any further assistance. I would highly recommend her services.
Dana Peterson - Argentina / Florida – 2012

Massage & Wellbeing

 I have never had such an incredible massage in my entire life. Seeing Louise four times in two weeks was one of the best life decisions I could have made.

 The amazing things were above and beyond a sore shoulder: this breathing problem I've had on and off for years, and constantly since July, has gone away.
 I feel better in every way-- physically, emotionally, mentally--than I have in my entire life. I just feel good, and I owe it all to her.  Now I'm gone and won't be able to see Louise for years, but I can't wait to get back and see her again someday!
Alyssa B, Buenos Aires - 2009

 Louise is a wonderful massage therapist. She is extremely professional and I was very impressed by her thoroughness both in the consultation prior to my massage and in the way she made sure to work just the right spots in order to ease my discomfort.

 I highly recommend her--in fact, several friends have already started seeing her based on my rave reviews, and they are equally impressed.
 If you have any kind of pain from old injuries or new ones, or simply wake up with a stiff neck one of these mornings, give Louise a call! You won't be disappointed.
Maya Frost, Buenos Aires – 2008