Services that I offer

I'm Louise and I'm committed to support YOU in creating the Relationships and Life you deserve!

I love it, my work now and who can blame me!  Every day, I work with people like you, to be your personal guide, to help you navigate through challenges and seize opportunities that come your way (which at the moment often are 'invisible' to you).
I do this by helping you to become your own leader to stop you from sabotaging your relationships and health – by ensuring that you understand the meaning of a situation, your emotions, and your relationships!
I fundamentally believe that you deserve to really go after your dreams and let yourself become extra-ordinary'!  I also know that not many people are aware of how easy it can be to make change in the right direction, either big or small,– yet when asked the right questions and guided using the right tools – change is fast, effective & it lasts!
That is my role when working with you and what I'm totally passionate about! I know it works and I would love the opportunity to show it to you, so how about it?

Personal Breakthrough Sessions

You know when you are ready to breakthrough what has been holding you back to be and do something more. individuality concept - gold star among other grey stars A Breakthrough Session is one full day when Louise supports you through identifying what has been limiting you and then by using the tools from Strategic Intervention, NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis training, helps you break down the barriers and create new options to start you on a journey to achieve what you want. Louise will work with you to devise a plan, and making you accountable by requesting that some immediate action is taken, as accountability is put in place. In addition will arrange follow – up sessions to determine how you are progressing, holding the client accountable for planned actions. A worthwhile investment to lasting change and success in all areas of your life.

The secret of change is to focus all of your Energy,
not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

Family Intervention and Coaching

Are you thinking of leaving? A huge decision to make that has been thought about over a long time and often is made in an irrational moment. And yet you find many reasons to stay. Are you unhappy, frustrated and are not able to find a way out?
family separation What if you could turn your marriage around to be a passionate relationship and/or return to the caring and fun loving family unit - that would be awesome, wouldn't it?

A real decision is measured by the fact that you've take a new action.
If there's no action, you've haven't truly decided.

Coaching Children through Separation

Watching you parents go through separation is tough for everyone, and yet we are aware the impact on you, the kids, is often lasting for many years after. unhappy child with parents arguing in background You don't like to hear the arguments, you believe you are to blame (even though you are told that you are not - and YOU ARE NOT!). You really want things to return to normal, when you all had fun together, did things together and laughed till your sides hurt. At the moment the hurt is painful and you are not sure what to do...
This experience does have an impact on you and how you think about you parents, your friends, teachers, and although not consciously often impacts your relationships in the future.

The world is yours. Shape it or someone will shape it for you Gary Lew

Louise supports children during, through and after a separation to help them find an understanding to what has happened, providing an opportunity for them to overcome the emotions attached to it, anger, fear, hurt, sadness and guilt, so that they can handle the new situation differently and get the most out of their life of having two homes and the possibility of a new person (and their family) joining them.
Giving a child guidelines to live by and encouragement when completing any task, from both parents (including step-parents) give a child meaning and purpose, that they will wish to do more, if they are going to be rewarded (congratulated).

Well-being Coach

Either as a Personal Breakthrough Session or a longer-term coaching experience, Louise can help you achieve your optimum health (reduce stress; less physical pain; become your ideal weight /size; improve exercise performance, increase body/mind awareness etc...) relaxing back massage In addition to her Coaching skills Louise is able to include massage treatments to the sessions, introducing its amazing benefits to increase the results that you wish to achieve.

Take care of your body.
It's the only place you have to live in.

Jim Rohn

This is not only in terms of every day focus on health and well-being, Louise's support extends to people participating in fitness, exercise and sports activities. Sometimes we want to push out bodies even further and are not able to do so, due to a limiting belief or a long standing habit that no longer serves us. Yet we hear some amazing stories of people doing incredible things – running faster than ever before; climbing mountains in their 90s. If we maintaining the belief that we cannot, then how do we ever find out if we can. Louise helps you push these boundaries, mentally, physically and emotionally