From I can't through CANI to I can

I'm Louise and I'm committed to support YOU in creating the Relationships and Life you deserve!

My journey 'from' to 'now'
It is how we deal with our setbacks that will shape our lives

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Divorce, parental protection, loss, a new family and easily influenced by others, shaped my years till the day I left home and thereafter, in hindsight I felt as if I was leading two lives for many years after.

Leaving school with grades I could not have imagined, heading off to study a Degree; having excelled in the sports and was voted as House Captain, Games Captain and Deputy Head girl in my final year at school. All great achievements...

And yet, it was not how I was feeling. In fact I felt a lost soul, confused and loved my new found freedom at College for the next 4 years and was certainly not going to get involved with someone since I was raised to not depend on anyone.

Although on the surface I was having a lot of fun, I recognised that I was also very bitter and frustrated in relationships, and it intensified with each new relationship... ending in bitterness and blame... anger and pain...

Negative emotions can be action signals

 There was pain and anger and then I was fine, as I immersed myself in work, doing very well in that area, and finding myself happiest when I was supporting clients, in the Maintenance Department of a number of Housing Associations. This connection with people that others had recognised in me when I was at school emerged again.
 Yet I avoided intimate relationships, or those I did give a go failed and thus I put that aside. My career took a down-turn due to the economy and I retrained as a massage therapist. This was it, I finally felt I was good at something, and I loved working with people to help them find solutions for improving their physical, mental and emotional strength and performance. Even at that time thinking that I was destined to help children.
 Yet, I took no action to make that change, as a career; I wonder why? Society teaches us many things and for me what I was hearing, seeing, doing was made sense logically though emotionally did not feel right, and my behaviour was sometimes surprising to even my closest friends...
 I really didn't like who I was becoming, what I was doing and all that I had... so I decided to...

Follow My Heart, And I Mean My Own Heart!!! – 'The World Is Yours. Shape It Or Someone Will Shape It For You' – Gary Lew

My heart said:
Get out your current career
Go and travel and have some adventure that you constantly long for
Learn a language that you have been told that you cannot do
Create a career where you are working with people, this is who you are
And become your own boss...

So in 2003, I set off on a journey and ...

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped

I decided to travel returning 8 years later.
 I lived in South America and the unravelling of what had happened began to take shape. Though I did not initially want to let go of my comfort blanket, mainly the emotional baggage that I had wrapped myself in. It had protected me for so long, or so I thought, though as I met more and more people on their journey to find meaning to their life, I was given a different wealth of knowledge and often a different meaning to life...
 I welcomed it all and soon became the overwhelmed with the information and guidance that was available. It was awesome. The more I started to read then more information came to me; I wanted to learn it all...
 I was finally inspired and wanted to share it all. Through my work as a massage therapist, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I helped my clients in many other areas of their life especially in the area of health and fitness, personal development and relationships (with family, friends, children and intimate).
 The more knowledge I shared with my clients, more questions they had and I had, thus my curiosity grew... I needed more... and I loved it...

You must grow and you must give. When we grow we have something to give.

 This carried me through the next few years, still making decisions that lead me to experiences that caused elation or trauma. The traumas, the doubts and the self-sabotage continued and yet the kind and supportive advice and observations (that I was possibly to not wanting to believe of myself) of the strangers again was giving me a signal for action... I could no longer to continue to live my life like this... nothing seemed certain.
 Moreover during this transition from 2003 I became more and more interested in human psychology, communication and interpersonal relations. It seemed more and more apparent that how we communicate was the cause of great relationships and the cause of wars.
 In 2012, I discovered Robbins Madanes Training (RMT). I have now qualified as a "Marriage Educator" and "Strategic Interventionist and Coach". I use the cutting edge tools of "Human Needs Psychology" to help clients understand what drives them and why they do what they do, and help create change towards a more fulfilling and compelling plan of action.
 In addition and supporting RMT, I recently certified as an NLP Master Practitioner and Coach, Time Line Therapy™ /Creating Your Future™ Coach, and Master Hypnosis Practitioner.
 I have spent 3 years retraining and have loved every minute of it. It is not only through knowledge that I am growing, also through daily experiences becoming more aware of what I am thinking; feeling that allow me to make better decisions, and from now on live by 'C.A.N.I !' ©Tony Robbins

Constant and Never Ending Improvement (CANI!)

 This is the best advice that I have ever heard and I want to pass it onto everyone that I meet.
 I have no doubts that I will have challenges and make some more bad decisions and yet what I can now confidently say is that:

We only limit ourselves from doing what we currently believe we can do and yet we can do much, much more. I now have NO limits, I have only options.
It has been mentioned in my family, 'when is Louise going to stop studying?' and a friend beautifully responded 'She never will!'.
 So true, remembering it is not just knowledge but from every experience I have for the rest of my life.