Personal breakthrough sessions

Had enough! And feel that something has got to give, NOW?

Invest a day for yourself, to get unstuck and allow you to move toward a life full of pleasure!

Success is buried on the other side of frustration Tony Robbins

individuality concept - gold star among other grey stars unhappy child with parents arguing in background family separation relaxing back massage

One day pack full of exploration of 'what you really want?'; the intervention from pain to pleasure; and leave with a plan of your clearly defined goals, and what initial action you will take. The full focus of this session is on you, for you!

Relationship and Family Coaching

Marriage is the hardest thing you will ever do.
The secret is removing divorce as an option
Will Smith

Thinking of leaving? Before going could you say that you have attempted everything? Have you considered Coaching? The focus being on achieving the result that is meant to happen, and how everyone can move forward, amicably and with the interests of all involved, emotionally and that is more than likely to have an impact on everything else.

Coaching the Kids

The world is yours. Shape it or someone will shape it for you Gary Lew

You may think that they do not understand what you say nor do as they are told – be careful a child watches, observes, and imitates your behaviour, tone, and your words... are you given them the wrong message with your actions. Give your children the opportunity to become extra-ordinary... especially through separation and creating your new life.

Well-being Coach

The way you think, behave and eat can influence your life
by 30 to 50 years
Deepak Chopra

The body works 24/7 to maintain optimum health. It gives us signals when something is wrong. Yet we ignore these signs and forgets it is the most complex machine in the Universe, with one person at the controls, YOU! You are unique, read your own manual and take the steps to life-long health and happiness.